Puppies Brighten Our Day at Healing with Heart!

We can’t wait to meet your new puppy and welcome him or her into our family too!

The lifetime of love and strong bond you will share with your dog begins the day you bring your puppy home. Getting a puppy is an exciting time but there are certain essentials you will need to know to ensure your new puppy remains fit and healthy. We are your best partner in helping you keep your puppy healthy so he or she grows into the most wonderful dog they can be.

Your Puppy’s First Wellness Exam

Bringing a new puppy into the household is very exciting and sometimes people forget to ask basic questions. We recommend asking what food was your new puppy being fed, how much and how often. Replicate that schedule until your first puppy visit with us. Ask if the puppy is up to date on vaccines and for a copy of the vaccines given. Be sure to ask if the puppy has been dewormed or given any other medication. Bring all this information with you to your first visit.

After bringing your new puppy home and getting them acclimated to their new environment. Please schedule their initial visit with Dr. Deavers. This is the first crucial step in their lifelong health. The initial visit will include an exam where we develop a customized wellness program for your puppy’s optimal health. We will make recommendations on diet, vaccinations, and parasite preventatives including heartworms, intestinal parasites, fleas and ticks.

During the first visit we will work to learn your expectations of us as caregivers for your puppy and start building our relationship. At this visit we will answer any questions you may have and provide you with the tools and information to make your relationship with your puppy amazing.

Your Puppy’s First Visit Includes:

  • A thorough “nose to tail” exam
  • A customized vaccination program dependent on your puppy’s age and lifestyle
  • Heartworm prevention recommendations
  • Internal and external parasite screening
  • Intestinal parasite deworming (as needed)
  • Medical recommendations for preventing and controlling fleas and ticks
  • Housetraining and behavioral consultation
  • Nutritional and exercise guidance

Don’t forget to bring your new puppy on a leash with medical records in hand. We can’t wait to see your new puppy!