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Pet Nutrition Counseling

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At Healing with Heart Veterinary Care we are committed to assisting you with your pet’s proper diet and weight management. We do not follow a single dietary program for pets with a “one size fits all” approach. Dr. Deavers will help formulate an individualized nutrition plan to support your pet’s unique optimal health. She and her team will counsel you in feeding practices and dietary selection for cats and dogs during all stages of their life. Our hospital also offers a variety of prescription diets and supplements that assist in managing chronic health conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, obesity, allergies, arthritis, pancreatitis, liver disease and many more.

Your pet’s nutritional needs change throughout the stages of their life. Please talk with us to find out which diets are recommended for your pet at this stage of their life.

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I don't know where to begin. After meeting you just once, you now hold such a special place in my heart. Thank you so very much for making Jake's transition over the rainbow bridge so peaceful and almost beautiful. Your gentleness, love and compassion radiates such tranquility and calm during one of the hardest times in someone's life. You have a gift and I'm so thankful you were the one to help guide him. Blessings to you!

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