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Feline Wellness Care

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Keeping your cat in good health means giving them a healthy quality of life and keeping a long-lasting connection with them. Regular exams with Healing with Heart Veterinary Care are an important part of giving your cat a healthy life. Cats are masters at hiding signs of illness or pain and annual wellness exams are critical in detecting any health problem your cat may be experiencing early, when treatment is most effective. Your observations from home are a large part of the custom wellness plan best suited for your cat based on their unique needs, including age, lifestyle (indoor or outdoor cat), medical history, and current medical health.

Wellness Care for Your Cat includes:

At Healing with Heart Veterinary Care, we are strong proponents of proactive wellness care for cats. We recommend that all cats undergo a complete wellness exam at least once a year. Wellness exams include a physical exam, customized vaccine schedules that reflect your cat’s individual needs, proper food/nutrition and screening tests for diseases. Please call us today to schedule a wellness exam for your cat.

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Dr. Deavers used to be our vet for our dog at another practice. Loved her care and compassion. Was so happy to see her name on this new clinic! I want a vet like her for my senior boy! We will be bringing our Labrador, Lumpy, back to give his enthusiastic love to Dr. Deavers again. Cannot wait to have a vet that I love and trust again. Just saw Angela outside the new place and she filled me in on the details. When can I make an appointment?

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